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ACD Supervisor

This screen shows overviews and call statistics for Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) queues that you supervise. Only real-time statistics are shown; you cannot view historical data. There is no logging capability.

To log in as an ACD Supervisor

If you have a user account and extension on this system and are assigned as an ACD Supervisor for one or more ACD queues, you will see the SELECT LOGIN panel.

Select Login Panel

Queue overview

The initial screen shows a "card" for each ACD queue to which you are assigned a supervisor role.

Queue Card

A card's title bar and outline change color to indicate the queue status.

The following statistics are displayed for each queue.

Bars under each statistic change color to indicate status.

Agent icons at the bottom of a card show the number of agents for each status type.


 To show warnings and alarms

Detailed view

You can expand an ACD queue card to show individual agent details, and a list of all active calls.

The top and bottom bars on the panel show the same statistics and agent icons as the overview card.

 To show ACD queue details


An agent card's title bar changes color to indicate the agent's status.

The top line displays the agent's extension and name, followed by the number of calls answered since the last login.

The bottom line displays the caller name and number, followed by call's elapsed time.



These details are shown for each call:

 To move a ringing call to another ACD queue

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