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Voicemail Management

This screen lets you add or change your name and greetings that callers hear when their call is sent to your voicemail.

Up to nine greetings can be recorded. Select the default greeting from this list or from your phone.

To manage voicemail greetings

  1. Select a greeting in the list.
    If a recording currently exists, the total length and current position are shown on the playback slider. Click Play to listen to the greeting; you can drag the slider control to move forward or backward in the recording.
  2. Click Upload to use an existing recording.
  3. Click Record to record a new greeting using your computer's microphone.
  4. Click Download to download a greeting from the UC system for use on another system or by another user.

To select a voicemail greeting

  1. Select the greeting that you want to use as the current default.
  2. Click Default to use the selected recording.
  3. You can also select a greeting from the voicemail system's Advanced Options menu.
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