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Selecting Calls to Display

Buttons above the call list let you select the types of calls you want to display. The call types are:

All Call Types  All Call Types

Incoming Missed Calls  Incoming Missed Calls

Incoming Answered Calls  Incoming Answered Calls

Outgoing Calls  Outgoing Calls

Voice Mails  Voice Mails

Call Recordings  Call Recordings

Incoming Faxes  Incoming Faxes

Outgoing Faxes  Outgoing Faxes

Calls with Notes  Calls with Notes

To select the type of calls to display

To display calls within a date range

  1. Click Calender next to the first DATE RANGE field to select a starting date in the Call Activity log.
  2. Click Calender next to the second DATE RANGE field to select an ending date.
  3. Click Apply. The calls appearing in the log reflect the dates you have selected.
  4. Click the TIME/DATE column heading to change the sort order from descending to ascending (oldest calls first).
    Call Activity Log
  5. Click Clear to remove the filter and show all dates again.
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