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Listening to Voicemails and Call Recordings

You can listen to voicemails and call recordings, as well as email, save, or delete them.

If a call has an attached voicemail or call recording, one of these icons will be shown in the Attachment column (usually the leftmost column with no text in the header).

Voice Mail   Voice Mail

Urgent Voice Mail   Urgent Voice Mail

Call Recording   Call Recording

To listen to a voicemail or call recording

  1. On the Call Activity screen, select the log entry containing the voicemail or recording you want to play.
  2. Click Play in the Player pane below the Call Activity log.
    The voicemail or call recording starts to play. You can drag the slider control to move forward or backward in the recording. The TOTAL DURATION of the call appears below the play bar.
  3. Click Download to save the recording to your computer, or click Email to email the recording.
  4. Click Delete to delete the recording from the UC system. The call will remain in the log.
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