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Conference Monitor

This screen shows overviews and call participant details for Meet-me Conference rooms that you supervise.

To log in as a Conference Monitor

If you have a user account and extension on this system and are assigned as a Conference Monitor for one or more Meet-me Conference rooms, you will see the SELECT LOGIN panel.

Select Login Panel

Conference room overview

The initial screen shows a "card" for each conference room to which you are assigned a monitor role.

Conference Room Card

A card's title bar and outline change color to indicate the conference room status.

The following information is displayed for each conference room.

Detailed view

You can expand a conference room card to show individual caller details.

The top bar and outline on the panel have the same color as the overview card.

 To show conference room details

Using detailed view

A card is shown for each user, with the user's name, extension, picture (if assigned), and the duration that the user has been in the conference room.

Conference Room Details

These options affect the entire conference.

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