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Arranging Columns

You can change the order in which Call Activity log columns are shown, change a column's sort order, and adjust the width of each column.

Note – column sizes and positions revert to the default settings the next time that you open the Call Activity screen.

To rearrange the Call Activity log columns

  1. Point to a column heading.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button while dragging the column horizontally to a new position.

To adjust the width of a column

  1. Point to the dividing line between two column headings. The cursor will change to a double-headed arrow.
  2. Drag the line to adjust the width of the column that is to the left of the cursor.

To change the sort order

No matter which type of calls you choose to view in the Call Activity log, the default sort criteria are by time and date (as shown in the TIME/DATE column), with the most recent calls appearing first. However, you can change the sort order so that the log displays the oldest calls first, or you can sort by name and extension number, by the call duration.

  1. Click any column heading to sort by that column. An arrow icon appears in the column heading to indicate the current sorting order.
    Call Activity Log
  2. Click that column heading again to reverse the sort order.
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