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Fax Server Options

This section is enabled only if the system administrator has assigned a personal Fax number to your account to receive and send faxes from the system.

To set Fax Server options on the Account Information screen

  1. Enter an EMAIL ADDRESS to receive a notification email whenever you receive a fax.
  2. Select the option ATTACH FAX to attach the fax file (in TIF format) to the email.
  3. Select the option SAVE COPY ON SERVER to keep a copy of the fax file on the server until you delete it through the Call Activity log.

    If you do not select this option, the fax file will be deleted from the system as soon as it is emailed to you. System storage limits and usage for faxes appear at the bottom of this section. When this limit is reached, your oldest fax files will be deleted when new faxes are received.

  4. Click Save.
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