UCM User Portal Help

Account Information

The Account Information screen shows detailed information about your user configuration in the system. The system administrator enters most of this information, but some fields are user editable, as configured by the administrator.

The top portion of the screen shows your general user information, which may be linked to a corporate directory. This information is also viewable by other users on the system through the Directory screen on their User Portal.


Emergency Alerting

The EMERGENCY ALERTING section identifies your Emergency Response Location (ERL) Zone, which is where responders will be directed when 911 is dialed from your phone. This zone also determines how a 911 call will be routed to local public safety dispatchers.

Other fields show more detailed information that will be distributed to personnel within the company who are notified when an emergency occurs. This information can only be edited by the system administrator. If you notice any inaccuracies in the data, contact your system administrator to make corrections.

Voicemail, Call Recording, and Fax Options

There are three areas at the bottom of the screen for handling Voicemails, Call Recordings, and Faxes (if enabled by the system administrator). Select a topic below to learn how to work with these options.

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