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Viewing Others Presence Status

The presence status of other users is indicated by a small icon in the Contacts list, the Favorites list, and in contact flyout panels.

To view another users presence status, you must subscribe to receive that user's presence. The user must have an extension on the Teo UC System.

Available icon  – Available
Busy icon  – Busy
Away icon  – Away or Extended Away
Do Not Disturb icon  – Do Not Disturb or Not Available
On the Phone icon  – On the Phone
Appear Offline icon  – Offline

To subscribe to presence

  1. In the Contacts list, Ctrl+click a contact and select View / Edit Profile.
  2. Enter a valid Teo UC extension number in the contact Softphone field (do not include the area code or prefix).
  3. Click Add Softphone button.
  4. Click Contact OK button.

To unsubscribe to presence

  1. In the Contacts list, Ctrl+click a contact and select View / Edit Profile.
  2. Select the Softphone extension number in the Contact area.
  3. Click Remove Softphone button.
  4. Click Contact OK button.

To enable presence for Mac Address Book account contacts

A Mac Address Book account is automatically created in Teo Softphone.

If your Mac address book contains phone numbers that you know you can use to obtain online availability information about a contact through your Teo UC account, you can subscribe to their status in Teo Softphone.

To receive alerts for online status

You can add and remove contacts or group of contacts to the alert list. When a contact is on the alert list, you receive a Teo Softphone notification when their online status has changed.

  1. In the Contacts or Favorites panel, click on a contact or a group, or use Shift+click, Command+click, or a combination to select one or more contacts or groups.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Ctrl+click and select Add Contact to Alert List or Add Contacts in Group to Alert List.
    • Ctrl+click and select Remove Contact from Alert List or Remove Contacts in Group from Alert List.

An alert icon appears by a contact after you add it to the alert list. The icon disappears when you remove the contact from the alert list.

Banner-style notifications appear briefly in the top corner of the screen. They will disappear on their own. Alert styles notifications appear and remain on the screen until you take action on them. Click the notification to bring Teo Softphone into the foreground.

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