IP Phone 9160 User Help

Adjusting the Volume

To adjust the receive volume

You can adjust the receive volume level for the handset, headset, or speakerphone while you are on a call.

  1. Tap Volume Up or Volume Down.

    The volume slider will appear, showing the current level.

    Volume Slider
  2. Continue to tap Volume Up or Volume Down, or drag the slider to adjust the receive volume.

To adjust the ringer volume

Default Volume Settings

You can adjust the default volume settings for ringing and notifications, voice, alarms, and media.

To adjust default volume settings

  1. Tap the Phone Settings Phone Settings app icon.
  2. In the icon list at the right, scroll to and tap Tone.
  3. Tap the Volume tab.
    Volume Tab
  4. Drag a slider to change the volume level and hear a preview.
  5. Tap Cancel or press any key to exit and retain the new volume settings.
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