IP Phone 9160 User Help

Ringtones and Other Sounds

You can set separate ringtones for calls, notifications, and up to 10 alerts. More than 100 ringtones are available.

To select ringtones

  1. Tap the Phone Settings Phone Settings app icon.
  2. In the icon list at the right, scroll to and tap Tone.
  3. Tap the Tone tab if it is not already selected.
  4. The current ringtone for each sound type is shown. Tap the ringtone name to select from a list of available ringtones.
  5. Tap any ringtone to hear a preview.
  6. Tap OK to use the selected ringtone, or Cancel to keep the current ringtone.
  7. Tap Save when you are finished.

Phone Sounds

You can enable Dial pad touch tones and Touch sounds for audible feedback while using your phone. Sounds are enabled when the feature is checked.

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