IP Phone 9160 User Help

Status Bar

All of the status information about the IP Phone 9160 is shown in the black bar at the top of the display. To enter the notification panel to further review and deal with all of the information, you can tap on the notification icon at the left of the Status Bar or drag down the list with your fingers.

Handset Mode  Handset Mode – activate by lifting the handset

Headset Mode  Headset Mode – activate by plugging in a headset

Silent Mode  Silent Mode – tap the Mute icon to cancel

Speakerphone Mode  Speakerphone Mode

Alarm Clock  Alarm Clock

Missed Calls  Missed Calls – tap to view the call log

Volume  Volume – tap to adjust

Network Status (successful)  Network Status (successful) – tap to edit network settings

Network Status (failed)  Network Status (failed)

Do Not Disturb  Do Not Disturb

Call ForwARD  Call Forward

Auto Answer  Auto Answer

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