IP Phone 9160 User Help

Presence Status

The Presence feature allows you to set your presence status in the Teo UC System and view the presence status of other users. Your status may be viewed by other users in the system and may be used to determine routing of calls to your extension. You can change your presence status at any device that shares your extension.

To set your presence status

One of your multifunction softkeys is configured as a Presence softkey.

  1. Tap the  Presence softkey to show the Presence popup screen.
    Presence Status
  2. Tap a Presence Status option to select your new status:

    Available  Available

    Busy  Busy

    Away  Away

    Not Available  Not Available

    Call Forward  Call Forward

    Do Not Disturb  Do Not Disturb

    On Holiday  On Holiday
    (can be automatically set by your work schedule)

    On Vacation  On Vacation
    (can be automatically set by your work schedule)

    After Hours  After Hours
    (can be automatically set by your work schedule)

    If you select Call Forward, a Forward to prompt will appear. Enter the number that incoming calls will be forwarded to.

  3. You can enter a short message that is relevant to your status state. For example, you can select On Vacation and then add text about when you'll be back.

    To enter a custom text message, tap the field at the top of the popup to show the keyboard, enter a message, and then press the  Back key to hide the keyboard.

  4. Tap OK when finished. Your new presence state will be shown on the Presence softkey.
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