IP Phone 9160 User Help

Multifunction Softkeys

Up to 140 multifunction softkeys are available. They can be used for:

Five screens of multifunction softkeys are available, with 28 softkeys per screen. Swipe left or right to view other screens; a blue dot above the softkeys indicates the current screen. Softkey functions and arrangement can be customized.

9160 Multifunction Keys

The first column of softkeys is always shown on the Home screen.

9160 Home Multifunction Keys

Tap Expand or swipe left to show the first multifunction softkey screen. Tap Collapse Collapse or swipe right to return to the Home screen.

To use multifunction softkeys

  1. Swipe left or right as needed until the desired softkey is shown.
  2. Tap the softkey to initiate its function. An intermediate screen may appear for some softkey types, such as Presence.

    Softkeys for some phone functions may have a visual indicator when activated. DSS softkeys show the user's presence status.

Softkey Configuration

Some multifunction softkeys may have been pre-configured by your system administrator. The administrator can designate some softkeys as "SET AT PHONE". Any changes that you make to these softkeys will be retained when a phone configuration update occurs; other softkeys will be overwritten.

You can also edit softkeys and other phone settings via the Device Assignments screen in the Teo UCM User Portal.

Note – if you are using hot desking, do not configure any keys at the phone. Use the Teo UCM User Portal for all key configuration.

To configure a multifunction softkey

  1. Swipe left or right as needed until the desired softkey is shown.

    Note – softkeys must be configured from a multifunction softkey screen; you cannot configure softkeys from the default Home screen.

  2. Press and hold a softkey to show its editing screen. The softkey number and screen (Expansion Module) number are shown at the top.
    Edit Multifunction Key
  3. Select a softkey type from the Type list.
  4. Some softkey types require selection of a Subtype.
  5. Edit other fields as required.
    • Value is typically a phone number, contact, web address, or other data associated with the softkey.
    • Title is the text displayed on the softkey.
  6. Tap Save.

To clear a multifunction softkey

  1. With the softkey's editing screen showing, tap Clear.
  2. Tap Save.
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