IP Phone 9160 User Help


9160 Callouts

The IP Phone 9160 display supports touch operation, with full multi-touch capability.

The default Home screen shown above is displayed when the  Home key is pressed. If your phone is set to Operator Mode, the Home key will show the first screen of DSS keys.

The Status Bar shows notifications and other information about your IP Phone 9160.

App Icons access basic phone features and apps.

Multifunction Softkeys can be used for speed dialing or other functions. There are 140 softkeys shown on five screens.

Widgets are apps, usually small informational displays, that are pinned to the desktop. Tap a widget to open a larger application.


Tap any icon or button to activate its function.


Some screens, icon lists, and menus have more information than can be shown on the display at one time.

Touch the screen and slide upward or downward slowly to move the screen or list on the display.

If the display contents continue to move, you can touch the screen to stop it; no button or icon will be selected.

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