IP Phone 9104 User Help


Note – many settings are configured by the UC System, and should not be changed at the phone. Settings that may be configured by the user are described here.

Basic Settings

Menu → Settings → Basic Settings

Screen Settings

Energysaving – the time in seconds before the display backlight dims to save energy. This feature can be disabled.

Ring Settings

Ring Volume – the default ringer volume level. Separate settings are provided for headset and handsfree (speakerphone) ringer volume. This setting can be temporarily overridden; see Adjusting the Volume.

Ring Type – selects the default ringtone from nine available ringtones. A sample of the tone is played when a new ringtone is selected.

Voice Volume

Handset / Handsfree / Headset Volume – the default receive volume for each device.

Time & Date

Mode – normally set to Auto when NTP time service is provided by your network. Set to Manual if NTP is not supported, and use the Up and Down Navigation keys to view or edit the Time, Date, Format, and other fields.

Greeting Words

Greeting Words – the text that is shown at the upper left of the display when the phone is idle. THe default is your extension number.


Language – selects the language shown on the phone display.


Menu → Applications


Inbox – view received messages.
Outbox – view sent messages.
New – compose a new message.


To – tests connectivity to a network device. Enter a network address and then select Start.


Menu → Phonebook

Select to access the Phonebook.

Call Log

Menu → Call Log

Select to access the Call Log.

Reboot System

Menu → Reboot System

Select to restart your phone. A new configuration will be downloaded from the UC Server.

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