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Login / Logout

Teo Mobile Softphone automatically logs in to the Teo UC System when the app is started. You can manually log out and back in at any time. If you are logged in when you press the Home button to exit, you will still be alerted for incoming calls; you must log out to stop call alerts.

If you are logged in, Phone Ready is shown at the top of the Teo Mobile Softphone screen.

To manually log in or out

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap Logout at the top of the Settings screen to log out. After logging out, the login screen will be shown.
  3. Tap Login button to log in.

To change login information

You are prompted for login information the first time that you start Teo Mobile Softphone. You can change this information in the Login screen. Obtain login information from your system administrator.

Note – to modify Login settings, you must log out first.

  1. Tap any field to edit; the on-screen keyboard appears. You can tap Delete Character icon to delete the last character.
    • Provision Url – the address of your Teo UC Server. The address format must be as follows: http://(server IP address or host name)(:optional port)/login. Your UC system administrator can provide the exact Provision URL to use.
    • Username – your Teo UC System extension number.
    • Password – your login password for the Teo UC System.
    • Keep PasswordON retains your user password. OFF forces you to enter your user password each time that you log in.
    • Auto Login – automatically logs in when Teo Mobile Softphone is started, using the credentials set here on the Login screen.
  2. When finished, tap Login button to log in.
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