Mobile Softphone for iPhoneiPad Help

Getting Started

Setting up Wi-Fi and cellular data

Once you have installed Teo Mobile Softphone, make sure you have set up Wi-Fi and cellular data correctly on your iPhoneiPad:

Set up Wi-Fi

From the main iPhoneiPad screen, tap Settings > Wi-Fi. Turn on the Wi-Fi field. The Choose a Network panel will be populated with access points. Tap to choose an access point and wait for the item to show a checkmark (indicating that you are connected).

Set up cellular data (if applicable)

From the main iPhoneiPad screen, tap Settings > Cellular and turn on the Cellular option.

Setting up notifications

You can receive notifications when Teo Mobile Softphone is in the background.

From the main iPhoneiPad screen, tap Settings > Notifications. Tap Teo Mobile and set up the following:

VoIP account information

Obtain the following information from your VoIP service provider:

Starting Teo Mobile Softphone

Tap Teo Softphone button, or press and hold the Home button on your iPhoneiPad and ask Siri to "Launch Teo Mobile Softphone". The Teo Mobile Softphone screen appears after a few seconds.

First time connection

The first time you start, the Login screen automatically appears. You must enter login information. (At the next startup, Teo Mobile Softphone for iOS skips this screen and logs you in using this saved information.) Refer to Login.

Preference settings

Phone numbers, alerts, and other preferences can be configured from the Preferences screen.

Supported accessories

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