Mobile Softphone for Android Help

Answering Calls

You must be logged into the Teo UC System through the Teo Mobile Softphone to use your Android device to accept calls to your single identity extension number.

Note – being logged in does not prevent you from taking calls to your extension number at another device, such as your desk phone. Incoming calls will ring at all registered devices on your extension in accordance with the Call Routing rules set up in the Teo UCM User Portal.

To answer an incoming call

The incoming call is displayed on Teo Mobile Softphone.

When Teo Mobile Softphone is in the background and you receive a call, the app is automatically brought to the foreground. When your device is locked, the call answer screen appears.

Android phone

  • Drag Incoming Call right to answer the call.
  • Drag Incoming Call left to decline the call.

Android tablet

  • Tap Accept to answer the call.
  • Tap End to decline the call.

Using Call Reminder

When you decline a call, Teo Mobile Softphone gives you the option to set a Call Reminder, if enabled in Preferences.

To add video to a voice call

When receiving a video call, you will see the caller's video; however, initially the caller will not see your video.

(Android phone)  The video controls auto-hide. If the video controls are missing, tap the screen to make them reappear.

To remove video (change to audio only)

Missed calls and voicemail

Missed calls are handled as follows:

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