• For government, military, and commercial power users.
    Teo Announces Distribution
    Agreement With Ingram Micro
    to Accelerate Adoption of UC
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  • For government, military, and commercial power users.
    Teo designs, manufactures, and supports
    the most comprehensive
    business communications technology
    portfolio available today.
  • For government, military, and commercial power users.
    We meet the demanding requirements of the
    Fortune 500 and the Fortune 5 million,
    along with government agencies
    including the Pentagon and White House.
  • For government, military, and commercial power users.
    Whether you run a start-up with
    10 employees, a multi-national with
    20,000 employees, or a military force with
    40,000 war fighters, Teo has the solution
    you can rely on.
  • For government, military, and commercial power users.
    Our breadth and our agility
    enable us to craft
    the perfect communications solution
    for you.
Why Teo?

Comprehensive Portfolio

Our communications portfolio provides you with a solution that redefines what unified communications mean. We combine reliable hardware and intuitive software that can handle any company’s needs – from a startup company to the Fortune 500 business leaders.

As your business evolves and grows our communications tools grow with you; providing exceptional communication tools that enable you to stay in touch with your customers, partners, and employees.

Unrivaled Experience

Teo Technologies has been developing and supporting unified communication solutions for business and government entities for over 42 years. This exceeds the experience of any of our competitors.

Our solutions have been used by:

  • The Oval Office for six presidential administrations
  • 40,000 users at the Pentagon
  • Over 500 Military installations across the globe
  • 5,000 users at the FBI

Outstanding Support

Our unified communications experts are all based within the United States, and are readily available for anything that your company needs. You will never have to experience long hold time, automated voice systems, or tedious menus in order to speak with a professional who can assist you with any of your business’ communication needs.

Our experts can help you at any stage of your company’s communication needs. Whether you are just beginning, or you need to deploy thousands of employees we can help you.

End to End Solutions

Having a complete communications solution is essential for any company, and Teo Technologies provides that and more to every client. From each employees endpoint, to the system software, and all the way to the cloud we have everything that your business needs to stay connected to anyone; anywhere.

Our end to end solution not only provides you with every tool your company needs, but also provides you with the control and flexibility to manage every aspect of your communication infrastructure. Combining robust solutions, flexibility, and high quality user experience we are the first, and only, solution you will need for unified communication.

Teo is non-proprietary and integrates very well with others

We provide a complete unified communications solution that can be implemented by any company; regardless of their current communications. By creating every solution to be 100% compliant with Open Standards Requirements we have created software and hardware that will integrate seamlessly with your company’s existing systems.